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Smart Reporting wins EuroMinnie 2020 "Best New Radiology Vendor"

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Smart Reporting is this year's winner in the category "Best New Radiology Vendor", a yearly award bestowed by EuroMinnies to young companies in the radiology industry. It is a great recognition of the Munich-based digital health company's successes to date. By integrating image analysis and intelligent medical reporting on a cloud-based platform, the company has created a future-oriented data standard for clinical diagnostics and provides the software infrastructure for AI-supported image analysis.

Prof. Dr. med. Wieland Sommer, founder and CEO of Smart Reporting: "​As a radiologist, I became very aware of the daily challenges within the healthcare system. For years, everyone was discussing how AI and Big Data would improve the medical field.​ And yet, it became clear to me that there was a huge discrepancy between this vision of data-driven medicine and the reality of unstructured workflows, where free-text dictation is still the normal practice in nearly every department. Therefore, I made it my goal to optimize these workflows by creating intelligent documentation that supports the radiologist, increases efficiency, and makes it possible to analyze the generated data”.

The multilingual software for structured reporting in radiology and pathology is now used in over 90 countries and by more than 8,000 physicians. The experts at Smart Reporting are currently working on the creation of high-quality templates for other indication areas. There are already hospitals that are using the software within the ENT and cardiology sectors, which ensures digital knowledge-based reporting in these areas.

At the same time, the company is increasingly focusing on AI-supported image analysis. In cooperation with strategic partners, Smart Reporting aims to make the growing volume of data from clinical routine usable. Thanks to learning algorithms, the data will enable increasingly precise diagnoses in the future and has great potential for various areas of application in research.

The "Minnies Awards for Excellence in Radiology" are presented once a year by AuntMinnie, one of the largest online professional communities for radiology and imaging procedures. Candidates are nominated in a total of eight categories and selected by a panel of experts. The "Best New Radiology Vendor" award will be officially presented at this year's European Congress of Radiology in Vienna on March 12. Prof. Sommer: "I am delighted by this special recognition of our achievements and also excited to continue working on the medicine of the future together with our great team".

About Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting GmbH is a German company based in Munich. The company has its roots in clinical practice, where it originally dedicated itself to increase the efficiency of workflows and improving the quality of diagnoses by optimizing medical documentation. Stemming from his own experiences in radiological practice, Wieland Sommer, Professor of Radiology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, founded Smart Reporting in 2014 as a spin-off. Today, the company brings together an interdisciplinary, international team of physicians and IT experts with a shared passion for healthcare and digital technologies. Its multilingual, cloud-based software for structured reporting in radiology and pathology is currently used by nearly 8,000 users in more than 90 countries.

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