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Create and modify your reporting templates.



Create. Customize. Benefit.

Empower your reporting by referring to medical templates tailored to your reporting needs. 





The creator for smarter templates.
  • Create: implement your own templates for synoptic reporting, according to your individual goals, structures and requirements
  • Customize: build on our accessable modular concept to individualize the templates to your clinical needs
  • Benefit: Use-case-specific and structured templates, ready for use in your clinical routine, with expert knowledge right at your fingertips

Screen with UI of SmartCreator
Our Value

Flexible creation

Create, update, and share your templates and best practices


Individual portfolio

Customize the templates from your portfolio to your needs


Valuable standards

Establish departmental standards and create multiple text blocks that can be
called during reporting

Accessable add-ons: 

Complement your template portfolio with new libraries at any time


Team work

Work together with your colleagues on self-built or modified templates and modules


State-of-the-art guidelines

Access templates and best practices of societies and key opinion leaders

FasterBetter. Smarter.

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