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Faster Input - Better Output

With SmartReports you have the full flexibility for efficient and structured reporting.

Our smart reporting solution offers you a fully integrated editor that provides reporting templates across departments for your daily diagnostic routine.

Faster Input

  • Integrate SmartReports with strong partner systems such as RIS, PACS, Viewers & LIMS
  • Increase your productivity in daily routine with guideline-based reporting templates, implemented speech -recognition and -control as well as freely configurable text modules
  • Improve the completeness and quality of your reports, through expert and guideline-based content as well as medical background information

Better Output

  • The collected data is fully machine-readable and provides an excellent starting point for training AI Systems and for your underlying clinical research
  • Complete interoperability of data via standards and ontologies such as HL7, FHIR, FHIRCast or Radlex
  • Clear and time-saving communication between diagnosticians and referring clinicians through integrated lifecycle management

The flexibility of SmartReports allows you to complete and correct a highly qualitative and structured report in a time-saving manner - without any additional effort.


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Key Facts about SmartReports

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Product Highlights

    • Hybrid reporting: flexible transition between structure and free text
    • Efficient and convenient navigation and clinical documentation with speech, keyboard and mouse
    • Medical expertise and background knowledge available through a single click: get the latest insights from experts through high-quality templates & modules
    • Fully embedded in your current workflow including reporting lifecycle management
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* For demonstration purposes, fictitious patient data are used.



Technical Details

    • Complete interoperability of data via standards and ontologies (e.g. HL7, FHIR, FHIRCast, Radlex)
    • Deeply integrable into already existing clinical IT systems (e.g. RIS, PACS, LIMS, EHR)
    • Create, add, and maintain machine-readable data directly at its source
    • Data protection compliant installation at your site


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