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The voice-enabled, smart reporting solution.


Reporting has never been smarter.

Streamlining individual reporting styles, clinical workflows and medical guidelines. SmartReports - the editor for full flexibility, efficient and synoptic reporting in your daily diagnostic routine and beyond.



The solution


The smart reporting editor.
  • Synoptic reporting with flexible transition between structure and free text
  • Full efficency from examination to diagnosis
  • Capture minable data for automation and scientific use to harness the power of AI 
  • Effortless navigation with speech, keyboard and mouse
  • Instant access to medical expertise and relevant information through templates and modules
  • Seamlessly embedded into multidisciplinary clinical workflows, including reporting lifecycle management (e.g. junior-senior-workflow)

Userinterface of SmartReports on a Screen
Our Value

Faster Input - Black

Faster Input.

Reduce your reporting time.​


SR Motif - Better Output-200px

Better Output.

Enhance report quality.


Smarter Care - 3pt - 200px

Smarter Care.

Improve clinical communication.


Flexible reporting: 

For all reporting preferences - voice or keyboard, structured or free text

Efficient workflow: 

Modular and hybrid concept such as shortcuts and voice commands for all kind of reportings


Interfacing infrastructure: 

Direct PACS, RIS and AI-results transfer through standard IT interfaces (FHIR and HL7) 

High quality and consistency:

Improved completeness through accessible medical knowledge, guidelines and further quality assurance features such as mandatory fields

Ontology coding:

Common interoperability standards as ontology coding (e.g. SNOMED-CT)


Actionable data: 

Minable data formats for Analytics, AI training and research bases as well as follow-up and further treatment recommendations

FasterBetter. Smarter.

Key Facts and more

Key Facts about SmartReports

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