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Smart Radiology & Smart Pathology


Easy integration into your workflow with numerous reporting templates

Our software is based on a deep understanding of your clinical workflow and medical expertise. We provide clinical guidance that supports your report generation with structured templates based on medical guidelines. Enhance the accuracy and quality of your reports also for your referring physicians.

With Smart Radiology and Smart Pathology, you generate fully digitized and structured data available to you for clinical research and AI systems to train them.

Smart Reporting - integrated into your workflow:
  • The digital textbook: expert knowledge at your fingertips
  • Visualized in modular paths to support your diagnostic workflow, infoboxes and anatomical illustrations
  • Structure with teaching factor: ideal for residents or for non-routine cases
  • Individually customizable through our template creator
By doctors for doctors


Smart Radiology & Smart Pathology

Product Highlights

    • Disease-specific templates for a wide range of examinations
    • Multi-lingual: reporting templates are available in multiple languages
    • One-click translation of your reports
    • Infoboxes and anatomical illustrations: targeted reference images and background information - available at the right time, in the right place, with one click
    • Creation of digitized and assessable data