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Syngo Carbon from Siemens Healthineers integrates intelligent reports from Smart Reporting

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From Siemens Healthineers and Smart Reporting

  • Report information can be linked with image-based data
  • Structured, machine-readable reports are available centrally across departments
  • Integrated software solution is eligible for funding under the Hospital Future Act

The reporting solution SmartReports from the health tech company Smart Reporting will be part of Syngo Carbon1, a modular, cross-departmental software environment from Siemens Healthineers. Syngo Carbon manages and presents all types of image and report data in a patient-centric manner and ensures greater diagnostic security, less redundancy, and more efficiency in everyday clinical routine. The integrated SmartReports solution meets the criteria for three funding elements of the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) and is therefore eligible for funding under this law for the digitization of hospitals. Both Siemens Healthineers and Smart Reporting are certified to support hospitals in preparing the funding application.

Syngo Carbon, the new enterprise imaging and reporting solution from Siemens Healthineers, opens up innovative possibilities in image interpretation, reporting,  use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data management for the clinical environment. Currently, many clinical departments use their own systems for image management, reporting, and archiving. As a result, medical reports can vary widely, and the data is not available everywhere. With Syngo Carbon, data from different departments are brought out of their silos and integrated into a unified environment - including diagnosis and reporting data. This aims to simplify workflows and improve collaboration. The solution is aligned with treatment pathways and the interdepartmental imaging value chain. Syngo Carbon paves the way towards a patient-centric and data-driven workflow.

The integration of SmartReports in Syngo Carbon simplifies the radiology workflow by making it possible to link information in the reports with image-based data. High-quality reports with expert medical content optimize treatment planning and increase diagnostic reliability. Since the reports are made available centrally within medical institutions, they are easily accessible across departments. Doctors are thus supported in their decision-making and the efficiency of everyday clinical practice is improved. The merging of these two systems, SmartReports and Syngo Carbon not only enables advanced digitisation and innovation but is also available for funding through the Hospital Future Act.

SmartReports intuitively fits into the routine reporting habits of clinicians with its structured reporting templates; findings can be entered using speech recognition or keyboard entry and are automatically associated with the underlying structure of clinical guideline-based decision trees. The result is a machine-readable medical report which can be used for AI-based evaluations and clinical research - a prerequisite for digitization in hospitals.

"The digitization of the clinical infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare industry today and the integration of SmartReports in Syngo Carbon is another building block on the way to modernising IT infrastructure in the hospital landscape," explains Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer, founder, and CEO of Smart Reporting.

" The integration of SmartReports with Syngo Carbon is an innovative combination of existing technologies for image and report generation to provide a unique and intuitive solution. With their approach of "radiologists for radiologists”, SmartReports fits perfectly into our requirement profile. We want to make it easier for clinicians to generate structured reports, break down data silos to the merger and standardisation of information, all of which is supported by automation and AI. In the area of reporting, Smart Reporting is one of our preferred partners," explains Christian Zapf, Head of Syngo at Siemens Healthineers in Germany.

1 Syngo Carbon consists of several products which are (medical) devices in their own right. Some products are under development and not commercially available. Future availability cannot be ensured.

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Smart Reporting
Alexander Albert, VP Sales and Business Development, Tel.: +49 176 20294254

Siemens Healthineers
Marion Bludszuweit, Tel.: +49 174 9351391

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