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Increase the efficiency of your medical documentation

HospitalFuture Act

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Screen with Thorax X-Ray and structured report

Clinical documentationRedesigned

  • Record observations faster

  • Increase consistency and completeness of findings 

  • Create discrete data for further analysis 

Studies have shown:


Kürzere Befunderstellung *


Höhere Qualität der Befunde **


Höhere Vollständigkeit ***

*  Schöppe et al: Structured reporting of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry exams for osteoporosis evaluation. European Congress of Radiology (2018).
**  Nörenberg et al: Structured Reporting of Rectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Suspected Primary Rectal Cancer. Investigative Radiology (2017).
***  Gassenmeier et al (2017): Structured reporting ofMRI of the shoulder – improvement of report quality? European Radiology (2017).

Smart Reporting contributesto four funding items

Digitize your documentation and implement data-driven reporting

We enable speech-based reporting, capture speech input and map it to the structure of guideline-based decision trees

  • Voice commands enable navigation and insertion of freely configurable text blocks - for example, for normal or standard reports
  • The choice between a navigation with microphone buttons, mouse, touch screen or keyboard shortcuts combines efficiency and usability
  • In the future, data will be transferred to the electronic patient file automatically and in a completely structured form
  • Our solution is already in use in the diagnostic disciplines of radiology, pathology and nuclear medicine

Realize the possibilities of a cloud computing system

We enable the inter-institutional coordination of care services for diagnostic documentation

  • We enable the use of worklists and image data as well as diagnostic documentation across institutions

Enable teleradiology and working in networks

Our documentation and reporting solutions can also be made available in a telemedicine network to optimize utilization and emergency care

  • Electronic transmission of all information relevant for obtaining and providing teleconsultations is possible
  • The exchange of digital images (e.g., CT scans, X-rays, pathology reports) is supported
  • Service requesters and providers from different institutions can be connected across geographies and a professional exchange between the specialists involved is possible
  • Interoperability with the IT systems (e.g., RIS, PACS, HIS) of the participating institutions will be ensured

We will accompany you on the path of digital transformation

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We can support with the funding application

Number 2

We can provide a customized innovation strategy and implementation plan

Number 3

We can provide project management and IT implementation support

The wide range of measures within the KHZG will bring the German healthcare system and our hospitals into the digital age. Hospitals finally have the chance to invest in products and services that automate and simplify their routine work. Structured documentation and reporting plays a particularly important role, as it not only saves time and increases efficiency for doctors, but also translates to a financial advantage for the hospital.

Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer
Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer
CEO, Managing Partner & Radiologist Smart Reporting

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