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Smart Reporting Reaches Next Step: Medicine Will Become a Data Science

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Smart Reporting Reaches Next Step in Its Corporate Development: Medicine Will Become a Data Science

Munich, February 6th, 2020

Smart Reporting is expanding its team in 2020 to increase its expertise in AI-based image analysis and hopes to continue on its path of success in replacing analog, error-prone medical documentation with a digitized and secure reporting tool.

One of the many experts joining Smart Reporting is Bernard Algayres, who will leverage his 25-year experience in healthcare in his new role as Managing Director of Business Development and Business Operations. In the coming months, Smart Reporting’s team will continue to grow to accelerate the diversification and internationalization of the business.

Beyond seeking strategic partnerships in AI, Smart Reporting is also building a team of experts in the field of AI-based image analysis. By integrating image analysis and reporting into one platform, Smart Reporting addresses two unresolved problems facing the use of AI in medicine:

  1. The technical integration of AI in medical workflows in order to introduce semi-automated processes and allow for a lasting increase in productivity 
  2. The orchestration of the use of AI – even in complex clinical settings

Prof. Wieland Sommer, founder and CEO of Smart Reporting states: “I am convinced that the medical system and healthcare of the future is grounded in data science. The introduction of Smart Reporting in medical documentation will, through improved diagnosis and increased productivity in the healthcare system, allow our clients to use data to the advantage of their patients. It is difficult to imagine a sustainable ‘healthcare made in Germany’ quality standard without this data.”

About Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting GmbH is a German company based in Munich. The company has its roots in clinical practice, where it originally dedicated itself to increasing the efficiency of workflows and improving the quality of diagnoses by optimizing medical documentation. Stemming from his own experiences in radiological practice, Wieland Sommer, Professor of Radiology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, founded Smart Reporting in 2014 as a research project spin-off. Today, the company brings together an interdisciplinary, international team of physicians and IT experts with a shared passion for healthcare and digital technologies. Its multilingual, cloud-based software for structured reporting in radiology and pathology is currently used by nearly 8,000 users in more than 90 countries.

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