We are healthcare expertswith a passion for technology

Healthcare systems across the world are consistently facing the same challenge: delivering measurable clinical outcomes at lower cost. At Smart Reporting we are unified in the belief that digital technologies hold the key to mastering those challenges and passionate in driving bringing them to life.

Smart Reportingin a nutshell

Smart Reporting is a digital health start-up, founded in 2014 by Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer.

The company is a university spin-off and was founded with the vision to leverage the value of data in medicine for better decision making and better treatment. Today, the company brings together a large interdisciplinary team of physicians and software engineers to develop software that is rooted in a deep understanding of clinical workflows. Its multilingual, cloud-based software for structured reporting in radiology and pathology is used by more than 10,000 physicians in more than 90 countries.

The Story

Founded in 2014 as a university spin-off and inspired by the opportunities surrounding digital technologies in healthcare.

Diagnostic reports serve an important role in medicine. Physicians may base their diagnosis and treatment decision on such findings reports. So, quality is crucial! Today, these reports are mostly narrative text documents created without structure or guidance. As professor for radiology, founder Wieland Sommer experienced the resulting inefficiencies and insufficiencies, first-hand.

Today, Smart Reporting offers leading structured reporting solutions that help customers become more productive, improve quality and streamline communication. International collaborations and partnerships with leading players in the field help ensure that the software reaches clinical routine and an exciting innovation pipeline!

The valueswe are driven by

The gateway to AI in diagnostic medicine

The expectations around artificial intelligence could not be higher: improved clinical outcomes, more efficient and patient centric delivery of care.

Healthcare systems around the world are challenged to“ do more with less”.At the same time, the industry has been struggling to become more productive.Artificial intelligence has the potential to become a solution through process automation, if it can be integrated into the diagnostic workflow.
By structuring reports and in digitizing“ the last mile” of the reporting process, Smart Reporting will provide the necessary infrastructure for AI to be integrated seamlessly in the workflow, thus becoming the gateway to AI in diagnostic medicine.

Solutions for enhanced diagnostic workflows.

We provide structured reporting solutions that drive efficiency, enhance quality and help create reports that are eligible for data mining and machine learning.

Our reporting templates are created by leading medical experts, conform with latest guidelines, thus ensuring diagnostic reports of highest quality.Clinical background information supports the diagnostician in reporting unfamiliar and complex cases and the consistent structure improves communication with referring physicians.Finally, the report format allows for data mining and machine learning and therefore makes this most - valuable data accessible for research and development.

Developed by medical experts. Driven by technology.

Enabling customers to “do more with less” is as much about technology as it is about changing behaviors.

That requires a holistic approach to the diagnostic process and an understanding of the environment our customers operate in .The international and diverse team at Smart Reporting is united in the passion for healthcare and the belief in digital technologies as the solution for the challenges of tomorrow.Through experience we understand that it is not one player who alone will hold the key.In a customer centric and collaborative approach, we will however help physicians to build the diagnostics of tomorrow.
Smart Reporting team