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Templates & Creator

By doctors for doctors

The combination of our templates and the Template Creator allows you to standardize your reporting and meet a wide range of requirements for your clinical routine and findings.

Benefit from our flexible template solution:
Use - subject-specific and structured templates, ready for use in your clinical routine, with expert knowledge right at your fingertips.
Customize - individualize your templates to fit you and the way you work.
Create - write your own templates, according to your wishes, structures and requirements


Structured and subject-specific

Expert knowledge and smart structures:

  • Choose from over 100 templates.
  • Subject- and diagnosis-specific templates
  • Guideline-compliant infoboxes, based on expert knowledge with profound medical expertise to support in everyday clinical practice
  • Visualization of your diagnosis through anatomical graphics
  • Multi-lingual: availability in multiple languages

Template Creator

Customization and flexibility

Create your own templates :

  • Build your own templates for structured reporting - according to your needs, ideas and adapted to your way of working
  • Independent adaptation of existing templates to your workflow
  • User-friendly cloud solution
  • Share your standardized report templates with your network

* Only available for Smart Radiology & Smart Pathology

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