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Faster Input - Better Output

With SmartReports you have full flexibility and control over your reporting workflow.

Speech recognition, voice control, guideline-based structure trees and freely customisable text modules make it happen! Our smart reporting solution is provided to you centralised in your medical institutions and is thus made easily accessible across departments.
Increase your efficiency in your daily routine:

  • Integration with strong partner systems such as RIS & PACS
  • Lifecycle management during the creation and correction of findings
  • Complete interoperability of data via standards and ontologies: HL7, FHIR, FHIRCast, Radlex
  • Reports are fully machine-readable and provide an optimal starting point for training AI algorithms and your study foundation

During the utilization, you can select from a variety of diagnosis-specific templates that are based on the latest medical guidelines, your custom-configured text modules, and flexible speech recognition. This flexibility allows you to finalise a complete, highly qualitative structured report and correct it in a time-saving way - without any additional effort.

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Key Facts about SmartReports

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Powerful Key Features

  • Flexible transition between structure and free text
  • Efficient navigation with speech, keyboard,
  • Disease-specific medical knowledge available with a single click
  • Fully incorporated into your current work process incl. report lifecycle management
  • Data protection compliant installation at your site
  • Standard-based integration with hospital IT systems via HL7 and FHIR

Your Benefits

  • Efficient and flexible clinical documentation via voice, keyboard, mouse
  • Get the latest insights from experts through high quality templates & modules
  • Deeply integrated with existing clinical IT systems (e.g. RIS / PACS / LIMS / EHR)
  • Create and maintain machine-readable data directly at the source

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