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Beyond Medical Reporting.

Faster Input., Better Output., Smarter Care.

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Medical reporting takes up to 40% of physicians' time. Reducing this time could promote better patient care.

We provide a reporting solution for physicians workflows which is highly efficient, guideline-based and data-driven.

Faster Input. Better Output. Smarter Care.

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Reporting has never been smarter.

SmartReports is the synoptic and data-driven reporting solution that speeds up reporting time, enhances reporting quality and improves the communication in radiology and beyond.




Faster in Reporting*


higher Report Quality*


Satisfaction improvement for referring physicians*

Faster Input. Reduce Your Reporting Time.

We offer a suite of guideline based templates, intelligent speech understanding for reporting efficiency and our solution can be seamlessly embedded into your reporting workflow (RIS, PACS, EMR, AV, AI).


Highly efficient Templates

Broad variety of templates

Modular content on the fly

Fast high-throughput templates, e.g. Chest X-ray

Complex guideline-based staging, e.g. MRI Rectal Cancer


Fully voice-enabled, structured and flexible

Intelligent speech commands for efficiency

Highly efficient shortcuts to report common findings

Combine structured and free-text sections


From Viewing to Reporting

Direct measurement transfer (from PACS, AI, AV)

Clinically relevant pre-population of the report

Seamless embedding in all reporting workflows

Better Output. Enhance Your Reporting Quality.

With the latest medical knowledge and guidelines, comprehensive interoperability and machine-readable reports, studies show that 60% higher quality for decision-making can be achieved.


Latest medical Knowledge and Guidelines

Relevant classifications and updated guidelines

Interactive graphical elements

Clinical background information



Common interoperability Standards

Standard interfaces HL7, FHIR, FHIRcast

Ontology coding based on ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, Rad-Lex, LOINC



Mineable Data instead of Free Text

Machine-readable and actionable data formats

Foundation for Analytics and AI

Potential for research data bases and patient registries

Smarter Care. Upgrade Your Communication.

SmartReports facilitates preparation and collaboration in multi-disciplinary care (e.g. tumour boards, MDTs, treatment planning) leading to better patient care.


Smarter Care. Optimized Communication with referring Physicians.

Efficient preparation of tumour boards
Streamlined information and guidelines
More efficient treatment planning

The Pathways of your Report

A radiology report often addresses more than 10 different stakeholders. SmartReports enables standardisation of communication across the care pathway.

Follow your report



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We have the Solutions for faster, better & smarter Reporting.

At Smart Reporting, we develop solutions by medical experts for medical experts. 


& update
your templates

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the smart reporting solution
speech-enabled & guideline-based

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clinical templates based on key opinion leaders & societies standards

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We at Smart Reporting aim to help you to eliminate inefficiency, enhance the quality of care and get rid of inefficiencies within your reporting and communication workflows. This is what we mean by Faster Input. Better Output. Smarter Care. Not only the referring physician will thank you! 

Innovation through Collaboration

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We are Smart Reporting


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*Example Xray reading time reduction with IB Lab LAMA™(leg angle measurement) powered by ImageBiopsy Lab
*Schoeppe et al. - Structured reporting of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry exams for osteoporosis evaluation
*Nörenberg et al. - 2016 - Structured Reporting of Rectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Suspected Primary Rectal Cancer        
*Schoeppe et al. - Structured reporting adds clinical value in primary CT staging of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.