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Clinical reporting reimagined!


Smart reporting: The perfect combination of free text and structured reporting. Flexible as you need it. Choose the extent to which you want to use speech recognition or existing structures for your reporting.

The smart solution for any type of reporting, even location-independent - how, where and when you want.

Smart data acquisition: Generate high-quality data that is not only essential for science, but which can be used as training data for AI Systems. The higher the quality of the training data, the better the function of the algorithms.

Report smarter. Work productively. Analyze better.

You & Smart Reporting

Our Solutions at a glance


Efficiency and quality are not a contradiction.


Faster Input

Increase efficiency in the clinical routine

Flexible structures, medical content, voice control and multidisciplinary integration


Smart Reporting

Better Data, Better Care

Connectivity, operability, collaboration and documentation for your patient-centric work environment


Better Output

valuable data from infrastructures

Acquisition of machine-readable data for e.g. data mining, analytics and AI training.

Integrated smartly

A smooth integration into your workflow and existing IT infrastructures is essential. Smart Reporting is seamlessly integrated into RIS, PACS and AV systems via standardized interfaces.
Open the reporting editor via RIS as well as PACS - full interoperability.

In everyday clinical practice, questions, procedural information, measurements and dose reports can thus be automatically brought into the report from RIS or PACS or AV systems. The elimination of manual copying of content further optimizes the workflow and eliminates potential sources of error.

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