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As you experience continuous pressure to do more with less, Smart Radiology provides the necessary support and guidance to maintain your quality standards.

Expert approved reporting templates

Experienced radiologists developed a broad range of templates to guide reporting according to most current standards

The templates feature decision trees according to latest guidelines and extensive info-boxes, specific to each clinical indication. Graphical elements can easily be attached to the final report to improve communication with referring physicians.

Choose from more than 100 quality-controlled templates!

Many popular templates are available for free

MRI Rectal Cancer European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology

Guideline-compliant reporting of rectal cancer encompasses several criteria, including localization, extramural vascular invasion (EMVI), distance to the mesorectal fascia as well as size and presence of lymph nodes.

Prostate MRI, PI-RADS Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schönberg

Structured reporting of prostate MR imaging according to the PI-RADS criteria represents the current reference standard.

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NeuroSuite Your template package for Neuroradiology

Together with leading Neuroradiologists and clinical experts we created a set of templates that make structured reporting a viable option in clinical routine.

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Create your own custom templates

If you find a template does not suit your needs, use our template editor to develop your own.

Creating your own template enables you to adress the specific needs of your referring physicians or build on existing department-specific standards.
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Synoptic Reporting AI-Ready

To integrate AI-algorithms in clinical routine, structured reporting is a key enabler

Establishing Smart Radiology for synoptic reporting is an important enabler for AI to be integrated into the clinical workflow. Additionally, synoptic reporting creates annotated data sets, routinely which can be used for later training of AI algorithms.

Integration into your reporting workflow

Get the most out of Smart Radiology

In collaboration with a great set of partners, we are able to integrate Smart Radiology into your workflow and make structured reporting a virtually seamless experience.

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