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Covid-19 Template: The Smart Reporting COVID-19 template provides all common reporting standards and results. This reporting template has been used in clinical centers for COVID-19 reporting since the beginning of the pandemic.

Structured Reporting as foundation for AI: Smart Reporting provides the interfaces to integrate AI into the reporting module. The software is internationally proven and records medical diagnosis data in a structured and machine-readable manner. Thus, providing the data pipeline for the training of AI.

AI for Covid: Smart Reporting provides an AI-solution, licensed as a medical product, that automatically detects and quantifies changes typical of COVID-19 on CT images, thus facilitating efficient and standardized diagnosis.  

Free-of-Charge:  The Smart Reporting template for COVID-19 and the AI-enhanced offering, SmartCAD | COVID-19, is provided free-of-charge to aide global effort against the pandemic.

Cloud-based & On-prem: The solution can be provided as a zero-footprint client und ensure a rapid deployment. Smart Reporting includes a cloud-based, data protection compliant register database for the provision and analysis of data. Smart Reporting can also be installed locally to simplify the processing of local data.

Routine Usage & Integration: numerous integrations of Smart Reporting with RIS and PACS manufacturers guarantee a seamless integration into the clinical workflow.

Privacy-preserving analytics: Smart Reporting has developed concepts for technologies that enable central data evaluation without patient information leaving the local storage location.

Dashboards: Smart Reporting provides e.g. a dashboard for the COVID-19 reporting template, which users can use to interactively assess patient groups according to various criteria and efficiently process the resulting analyzes and evaluations.

Certified Quality Management: Smart Reporting GmbH has a certified quality management system for medical devices according to DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016 + AC : 2017-07.

SmartCAD | Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing global health crisis. CAD4COVID-CT is a software product that takes a single chest CT scan from a subject as input, in the form of a DICOM image, and produces several outputs. The intended user of the CAD4COVID-CT software is a healthcare professional such as a radiologist, radiographer or clinical officer. 

The outputs include a segmentation of the lungs and lobes in the scan, a segmentation of the abnormalities detected in the scan, scores indicating for each lobe and the lungs overall which percentage is affected by abnormalities, and severity scores on lung and lobar level based on the percentage scores. CAD4COVID-CT can be used to support the user in the diagnosis, evaluation and documentation of pulmonary tissue images (e.g. abnormalities) from CT thoracic datasets of patients with suspected COVID-19.

SmartCAD | COVID-19 combines this algorithm with Smart Reporting’s popular COVID-19 reporting template: The SmartCAD | COVID-19 system enables analysis of chest CT images with CAD4COVID-CT and transfers algorithm results directly into a structured report. This report can be extended, modified, and exported by the user.

How toSmartCAD I COVID-19

The CAD4COVID-CT product has been certified as a medical device (CE0344) in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Congo DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopie, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Kameroen, Lesotho, Liberia, Luxembourg, Madagaskar, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Romania, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom, Zambia, Zuid Afrika. In all other countries including Germany, it may be used for investigational use only. 
SmartCAD I Covid19 and Smart Radiology are no medical devices. The templates and generated text output do not themselves constitute a medical diagnosis or a full medical report. 
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