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Efficient collaboration and documentation

The unification of a fragmented IT landscape into an end-to-end user experience is crucial. Instead of tailoring workflows to fit into disparate systems, we offer a solution that focuses on users' requirements and empowers them to design their workflows based on their needs. With SmartWorX, we offer a solution:

...that provides intelligent interaction between autonomous products
...that connects products instead of replacing them
...that is able to map a manufacturer-independent work list
...that provides a structured documentation environment
...with connectivity to a wide range of vendors

Your strategic objectives
Smart WorX

Unify fragmented workflows & enable expensionTitle

  • - Avoid “rip and replace” strategy
  • - Leverage existing systems
  • - Manage system migration wo interruptions

Optimize diagnostic workload across organizations

  • - Save costs on resources allocation
  • - Enable reporting automation 
  • - Prioritize emergency and critical cases

Standardize on reporting quality, completeness and consistency

  • - Facilitate definition of enterprise data strategy
  • - Improve communication in care pathways
  • - Publish results for future proof data


Powerful Key Features

  • Vendor neutral open API (HL7, FHIR, FHIRcast, CDA) data infrastructure for cross hospital collaboration
  • Image based reporting / PACS reporting
  • Fully HTML5 based
  • Interoperable and can be integrated into the existing IT landscape via standard interfaces
  • Ressource management through smart worklists


Invaluable Benefits

  • high quality reports and documentation based on your defined standards
  • Expanded worklist to include a view of remote exams
  • Optimization of clinician work in multi-site configurations
  • Monitoring and provide cross site analytics
  • Standardizing workflows across sites
  • Standardized documentation to make data mineable and actionable
  • Guidance on complex specific disease reporting
  • Documentation deeply integrated into universal cross site workflow

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