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The Future of Reporting.
Data-driven. Smart.

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Clinical Reporting Remastered.


Unstructured and pseudo-digitized reporting is now a thing of the past! Enhance your productivity in your daily routine through flexible, speech-enabled and structured reporting. Generate actionable and high-quality data - Report smarter, work faster and anaylze more. 

Make your reporting future-proof!

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The Smart & Powerful Reporting Engine

Our smart reporting solution makes your daily routine more effective than ever and generates high-quality data in real-time on any scale. We seamlessly integrate into the physicians’ workflows - flexible and speech-enabled. Supporting you with expert knowledge – literally at your fingertips – thus improving the treatment of millions of patients.


Explore what you can do!

See how Smart Reporting supports you in your clinical routine, enhances your productivity and and makes your reporting future-proof.

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Clinical Reporting.

  • Improve your patient and diagnostic centered workflow
  • Use it for your everyday clinical workflow
  • Benefit from flexible reporting: structure dictation, autotext, keyboard and mouse

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  • Delegate your workload
  • Enhance productivity through resource management and on-time reporting
  • Accelerate the acquisiton of actionable data

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  • Intuitive reporting by dictating your findings 
  • Voice-enabled navigation through our interface


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  • Increase your report consistency
  • Provided information leads to report comparability
  • Report consistency and comparability leads to high quality data


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  • Embedded seamlessly into your IT -landscape (RIS, PACS,...)
  • Avoid rip & replace strategies during implementation
  • Integrate with our reliable support team

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Expert Knowledge.

  • Benefit from medical guideline-based structure
  • Use context-specific clinical background information at your fingertip
  • Support education of residents

atom to symbolize data science



  • Generate machine-readable data
  • Facilitate the definition of an organization-wide data strategy
  • Use data to train AI Algorithms
  • Publish results for futureproof data

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  • Allocate your resources with the universal worklist
  • Improve communication between assigner and diagnostician
  • Fullfil your tasks location independent

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  • We are your counterpart for innovation
  • Be part of research initiatives
  • Benefit from our wide-reaching partnerships

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Be a Smart Reporter

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For Radiologists


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For Pathologists


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The speechenabled, smart reporting solution

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Collaboration, Documentation: The smart worklist

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Smart Radiology & Pathology

Structured and guideline based reporting 

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We are Smart Reporting

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