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Wissenschaftliche Publikationenzur strukturierten Befundung

Seit Jahren nimmt die Zahl der Publikationen zur strukturierten Befundung zu. Damit finden die potenziellen Vorteile im Zusammenhang mit der strukturierten Befundung zunehmend Bestätigung.

Standardization and Structurein Reporting Save Lives

A study published in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics shows that use of standardized structured reporting in colorectal cancer is associated with longer survival of patients. "We demonstrate that use of standardized structured reporting (SSR) improved patient care in those with colorectal cancer by providing more complete reports of higher quality, which had significant effects on the delivery of adjuvant therapy and patient outcomes.

Caro E. Sluijter, MSc; Frans van Workum, MD; Theo Wiggers, MD, PhD; Carlijn van de Water; Otto Visser, MD, PhD; Henk-Jan van Slooten, MD, PhD; Lucy I.H. Overbeek, PhD; Iris D. Nagtegaal, MD, PhD

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Radiology's Value Chain

"Future reports need to escape the singleton, “thrown over the wall” document. As reports enter the comprehensive electronic medical record, they need the capacity to be mined in multiple dimensions. Structured reporting and tools such as Radlex lead radiology in the direction of facilitating data mining. Recall, the raison d’être of radiology is a medical decision, and becoming an information business raises the likelihood that radiology can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making while decreasing time and money costs."

Dieter R. Enzmann, UCLA

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